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Oh... and I wrote stuff. So... there ya go.

From the many clips I've posted in this past week, it can be deceptive to think that most games are like what I show. Perhaps some day it will get there, perhaps some day we will have a uniformity of game play that allows experimentation, wit and guile to overcome great bludgeoning odds. Maybe someday. How long has there been a "some day" for Destiny The Game? Regardless, a lot of my games in PvP are just... it's so fucking broken. It was broken before, but now? Fuck.

While these may be some of the very worst case examples, they are not far off from average PvP game I've endured either. It may even safe to say that all of us here who play this game have seen this quality of PvP game before, but it really seems to have increased as of late, and it isn't just because of stasis.


800 pound gorilla; I have said a number of times before on this forum that I am not a PvP guy (not anymore). That I'm more about that PvE life, which is true. I may have gone so far as to say that I suck at PvP. Shoot, if you look at my K/D now, I've never been this low. Surly I must be just bad. This is a misnomer. A simplistic answer given for the ease of its saying. It implies a total lack of competence in PvP, and that is certainly not the case (even if it sometimes isn't obvious). The difference between one past PvP self and my own PvE self now, is my objective upon my fun and pastime.

In my playtime (when I have it), I've found reliably and often my enjoyment based upon the sequence of my PvP play. That's why you have seen me these last few days among all these clips running with all sorts of kit, meta be dammed. It's not the "winning" alone that is fun, and unfortunately that often means I have been a detriment* in PvP for S13 (and I suppose a few other past seasons as well) as often all any one cares about is the number on the score board. I've found PvP to be, very white bread. I have to bring my condiments with me to get anything out of it.

Philosophy time! Oh, what fun! To which... winning! Is winning, fun? Such is a very VERY open question, courtesy of simplicity. Thus the answer is just as simple, why yes... winning is fun. After all, it's either that, or the pain that can often present its self in loss. Pain bad, ugg. You may have come across certain sayings as well, from "winning is everything" to "tiger blood". OOoooO, what a bad ass.

So then, when I say winning is boring, folks tend to scratch their heads a bit. An example of what I mean can often be seen within a structure of a movie. To put it quickly, it is often the struggle and manner to achieve that win to where the fun truly lies. Imagine this if you can, John McClane just walked out of the office with a Jötunn and then suddenly no Hans Gruber. Movie ends. While that would be REALLY FREEK'N COOL, is it really a win? Technically, yes, but... it's nothing. It's a stain on the wall (much like Hans Gruber in this case). It's a very temporary serotonin bump. It's... boring. COOL! FREEKING AWESOME! HOLY CRAP! But... boring. If you still don't understand, that's fine as "awesome but boring" is just divisive enough a concept to potentially be hard to parse. To put it another way, ever in philosophy; it's about the journey, not the destination. In Destiny, in PvP, the only care and the only thing that matter about upon each tick of the game modes available is that destination. Win or Loss. How you get there is irrelevant, by and large. It's 1 or 0. That is how it has been set up.

It saddens me that in my pursuit to find the enjoyment PvP right now, it often comes at detriment. While this alone is not the only reason why I suck at PvP, for what I have to say for now it is a very large reason. How things seem to have been set up in Destines PvP to not reward that exploration, where if you don't use certain kit, you're going to probably lose. That's it. That's no fun and no fun, and that's not cool. In fact, I currently think it the antithesis of Destinies "bring what you want" gun play philosophy, but that's an observation for another day.

Judge not a fish who is crazy enough to say... hey... what about that land thing? Too bad the sun is a deadly laser in Season 13.


*Unless it's an objective game, where I *shock* play the objective only to get 5 teamed. Can a one man objective get an overshield over here?


Motivations aside, what the actual fuck happened to Bungies PvP department? How did we go from... the good times of Halo 2 and Halo 3 to the insufferable mess that PvP is now?

Let me show you yet another something, but there is a catch. I know that some of you here have no love for "Streamers" or "YouTubers" or whatever. Bite your tongue and squeeze your nose for a moment. Unfortunately, as I post this, DBO does not seem to have a function to start clips at a timestamp, so you'll have to go into youtube to see it. That being, please see this clip shared by Datto (I know bare with it for a moment) within one of his videos. I've timestamped the start, it ends when he says "Tetris". It's about 1 minute long.



Yeah. Been there bro. I've felt that pain all over. Respawn only to die again from unstoppable forces and unmovable situations. I have found myself asking, "Why am I playing this mode"? Keep in mind, it's not just abilities, but we'll get there. There is so much one shot non-sense in PvP and it's a fucking joke. Maybe it's the tint of the glass, but man, I actually kind of miss how PvP played from OG Destiny 2. Sort of. Kind of. That's right, team shooting. At least then holding your corners, player placement and team work might have mattered, and it wasn't this arcade mishmash where Bungie pretends that if everyone is super than everyone is super. And I say that knowing, with a deep deep fear, that Arcstider might be nerfed (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) or that Nova Warp will never be the Warlock Arcstider it's supposed to be. (I personally surmise that Nova Warp could have been the anti-stasis had it not been so nerfed, as there is a potential for a fantastic back and forth between the two. Edit: At least, there was.)

Then there is meta. Meta meta meta! Oh how I want to break its nose and curse its tiki like abilities. How many times have you seen this in your death feed? BASTION. JÖTUNN. Felwinters Lie. I presume we all still have the battle scars from Mountain Top. Older still, Erentil Fr4. Those are just the ones at the top of my head, and there are probably others as well. Weapons that can just wash the fun away, per the attempt of balance in a season, as they are (or were) little fun to play against. I'll say that again, but slower... fun... to play... against. Not just WITH, but against. DUH! There is no conversation, rarely an aggressive chat, just *BOOM*, respawn so you can get hit again. Fun.

You didn't ask, but... You know how I would rework JÖTUNN? No Aim Assist. That's right take that ABSURD 67 Aim Assist and turn it into a giant goose egg. A big fat zero. Where ever you aim it goes, and that's it. Than what I would do is change the perk Shield Disorient for something properly exotic. I'd call it "Unstoppable Force" or maybe "Phased Force". Let's see, how would this be worded... "Projectile passes through targets (that means player or AI in Destiny speak), buffing damage and slight knock-back. Bounces off surfaces ("geometry", floors, walls, so on) create splash damage and decrease projectile size and damage. Max 2 Bounces."

Something like that 2 minute idea here. Best part about this is, if you happen to somehow hit me... er... hit the targets across the map to one hit kill, it was because of your skill with the weapon and predicting where the targets will be. None of this Auto Aim curve ball easy mode nonsense!!!

Not mine, but here is what I'm talking about.

That. Is bullshit.

It's just... it's not fun. Or rather, it's not rewarding fun. Sure you get that easy serotonin boost but, eh... PvP is just objectively awful right now. And I didn't even mention the lack of new maps...

...in fact we now have less ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)...

...and new modes. Or shit, old modes! Where the fudge is rift? Could we have King of the Hill? A Destiny Juggernaut mode could potentially be amazing! CTF? COME ON! Why does this take so freeking long!

Which brings me to...

Oh. Well, why didn't you say so earlier? Can we have more of this too?!

Addendum: At the very end of this Season (13), I managed to get squidnh3 and CruelLEGACEY to assist me in Trials. Thank you again both. I needed 7 rounds won, which was the very last Seasonal Objective I had to complete. They carried me (or should I say squidnh3 carried us ;D), and in fact I think I was worse then usual that evening, by and large. I lamented, as I have in the past, about how so ridiculously FAST everything is in Trials. No other PvP mode in Destiny is as FAST FAST FAST as Trials often is. It's as if I'm running in molasses and everyone else can fly. It's silly. I'm often down before I know.

Yet unlike past times I've mentioned it, this lead to a very interesting discussion. Ok, from memory here, CruelLEGACEY mentioned how many games are just as quick and in-fact have faster TTKs then Destiny. First mentioned Call of Duty, but I haven't touched that game series in ages. Titanfall 2 though. Oh yea, I've played that.

He's right. I said as such, and eventually we finally concluded that ...and this is fuzzy as I write this... part of the reason it may feel less crazy in Titanfall 2 at least is the built in nature of movement within the game. That Titanfall 2 is to movement, as Destiny is to Gunfeel. And that in Destiny, you really have to kit yourself out for movement. In other words, I felt as I did due to comparison and relativity.

Then squidnh3 chimed in and mentioned how Trials is, unlike other modes, no muss no fuss (basically). Where in other modes, you might have time to work that three tap, in trails the goal is to kill as fast and as ruthlessly as possible. Pretty obvious in retrospect, but, it's different... actually hearing the words, yes?

Don't really have much else to say here, other than I think this is fantastic food for thought. I think we may have struck gold in that conversation, and so dear reader as I end this here, I leave it to you.

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