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Only one person has their super left. It's Arcstrider. With the game 4 and 4 of 5, there was only one thing to say to my clan mate as I went to switch to my main exotic armor piece. "Uh oh", they say with a laugh. "Ohhhh YEAH!" I say, with a smile.

Intros & Fashion

I was going to make this a topic of its own, but it seems like some really don't care too much about it here, hence why I've put it last here to ebb us into Season 14 A.K.A "of the Splicer". Hey, it's fine. We're all making our fun yeah.

Included with the show off of my digital threads, is the intro to both Season 13 & Season 14, as well as what my first go with ... sorry not sorry I'm calling it Transmog... the new Season 14 Transmog System.

First 10 Pieces were free, which is such BS to write down, but wa Ev. This is my first showcase of what I was able to pull off with my first set of Transmog Choices. My Titan got that DRIP!

With that, sans the Bonus Stuff, I end this set of posts. Thanks for putting up with the spam of my Exploits as I find the fun that can be sometimes be oddly hidden in this game. Someday I may have "the EVERYTHING" needed to pull off a proper montage, which admittedly would be far more user friendly then the spree of one offs I have to give now, but... eh. Doin' with what I can, thanks again. Hope y'all found the ups and downs fun. Or, crazy idea, make a post to let me know if you are in some way glad I share all ...goodness... THIS (not you Kerm ;D Thank You).

...and... there ya go. Here are the Season 13 Playlists (Story & Gameplay) with all these and more (should you care to give it a look), and...

I hope y'all have a nice day. :)

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