I miss... this. (Destiny)

by squidnh3, Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 07:23 (21 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Forsaken is still there and it’s a great campaign. I don’t think it really needs the context of the Red War, although the fact that Destiny has become so messy in its story content is unfortunate. I will buy you a copy if you’d really like to play.

I was going to say this too, it turns out in retrospect that the Red War is the least consequential thing to happen in the Destiny universe. Actually the only playable content that's "missing" from the game that really factors into how things are moving now are the Mara visits from Forsaken (which were mostly just foreshadowing of things that have now happened) and the Season of Arrivals content (although Prophecy is still in-game). And maybe some of the Calus stuff, but that's always been more supported by lore pages.

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