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"Service Provided Content" consists of those materials provided to you (e.g., unlockable content, accounts, stats, virtual assets, virtual currencies, codes, and achievements) in connection with use of the Bungie Services. While the Bungie Services may allow you to “earn”, "buy", or "purchase" Service Provided Content within or in connection with gameplay, you do not in fact own or have any property interest in the Service Provided Content. Unless otherwise specified in writing, any Service Provided Content that you receive is licensed to you as set forth herein, and you shall have no ownership right thereto. Unless specifically permitted by Bungie, you may not, sell, lend, rent, trade, or otherwise transfer any Service Provided Content. Service Provided Content may not be transferred or resold by you for commercial gain in any manner, including, without limitation, by means of any direct sale or auction service. Service Provided Content may be altered, removed, deleted, or discontinued by Bungie at any time (e.g., upon termination of this Agreement and/or cessation of online support for the Bungie Services), even if you have not “used” or “consumed” the Service Provided Content prior to alteration, removal, deletion, or discontinuation.

~Bungie.net Terms of Use (Last updated March 15, 2019)

LIVE AND TIME-LIMITED GAME ELEMENTS: Your use of the Program involves interaction with Bungie’s live game environment. The Program and its live game environment change over time. Bungie does not guarantee that you will be able to participate in all events or earn all in-game achievements. Access to some Live Content may require additional purchase. Some in-game elements, including without limitation, Live Content associated with season passes, are made available to players for a limited time. Where season pass Live Content is time-limited, Bungie will use reasonable efforts to communicate this to you within the Program or otherwise. Bungie may extend the time-limit for Live Content, including season passes, at its option with or without advance notice. Fees charged for time-limited content are based on access to the applicable content during the time period indicated at the time of purchase, and apply whether or not you actually access the content. Season pass rewards earned during a given season must be redeemed during that season, unless Bungie elects to provide a grace period for redemption at its sole discretion.

~Limited Software License Agreement | Last Updated: a month ago [probably for Battle Eye]

¯\_(ツ)_/¯. So what you gonna do? Write to your senator? Heh, presuming they even know that we stopped using punch cards and tubes. It's a shame this is the attitude I bring, as I am not so alien as to not understand this frustration of things. This "as a service" concept, basically. Yet, as far as this sort of thing goes, Bungie has been by and large fairly earnest about this, me thinks. And so this take, this...

What a blatant scam to push people into going paid account... and a spit in the face to people that buy into this game.

...is moot.

. . .

It's a shame we must weigh things by how evil they could be.

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