What a blatant scam to push people into going paid account (Destiny)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Saturday, October 09, 2021, 08:35 (7 days ago) @ Spec ops Grunt

Why do you think I take issue with the content going free to play? I have no problem with that. I take issue with content I paid for being wholesale removed from the game. I can go back to D1 and still play everything I paid for right now no issues. Content vaulting is nothing but forced FOMO under the guise of caring about Hard drive space. Hell even WoW does a better job of preserving legacy content at this point

I think the kicker here is their argument is that if they were to make that content available in the same condition D1 is available, what they'd have to do is have left Destiny 2 behind, making Destiny 3, wiping the slate clean, leaving behind every strike and destination. And start over again.

Instead they're moving Destiny 2 into a greatest hits version of Destiny. It's a curated selection of their content that is focused on being the best version of Destiny it can be at this moment.

I'm also sad that I can't just pop back over to Io and say hi to Asher just for the jolly's, but on the flip side, if Destiny 3 were out, I wouldn't bother.

I don't buy video games, ever, for it to be a "thing" that I "bought" and "own". I buy them to experience and I firmly think what Bungie is doing is at any given moment, id providing me a better experience than the alternative. To that end, thinking about how I've tracked down my copy of Chrono Trigger, bought an Analogue SuperNT, to get the best "experience" of Chrono Trigger, and realizing after playing it that it just isn't the same playing it now.

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