What a blatant scam to push people into going paid account (Destiny)

by FyreWulff, Friday, October 08, 2021, 16:37 (8 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I hate vaulting out of principle. I fucking paid for it, what right do they have to take it?

I mean, I paid for Forsaken, but I haven't played the campaign past since 2019 and haven't really engaged with the Tangled Shore outside of going to it to get glimmer from Spider since probably early 2020.

I get why people are mad for content they paid money to access going away, and I really wish Bungie would address this from a game preservation standpoint (ie, making a permanently standalone playable build of each version of Destiny before vaulting it - they don't even need to make it publically accessible in some way right away, but at LEAST start the preservation effort), on the other hand if we think of any node we hit to play an activity like a Halo playlist, they are just culling the unpopular ones and trying to have the world move forward canonically at the same time.

Even if Warden of Nothing strike seems to be surviving because it's not connected to patrol, for example, it's also been kind of obvious that the two being cut were also not popular, especially deaaaaadthiiiinng's strike. Although it also results in all the flashback bosses in Shadowkeep being from vaulted content (if you count Crota as vaulted) now, so new players will be having nightmares of content they can't even play......

It's kind of like how I paid full price for Rise of Iron, and that's still *technically* available 5 years later, but I also haven't played it in roughly 4 years. The thing is, Bungie isn't updating D1 anymore so RoI's content doesn't cost them anything more than their servers to run. The more content Bungie adds, the more they have to test in every update, and they aren't charging a monthly subscription to play the game nor do they have 10 other studios they can farm testing out to like Activision or Microsoft did for them (they even roped in Rare as a test studio for Halo 3 to get that game out the door). They can't give the same attention and care to content 2% of the playerbase is engaging as to the content 40% of the playerbase is engaging in. They have to pick their battles if they want to keep the game updated and also avoid crunch.

The fact that Forsaken will still be a purchase as of Witch Queen as the "Forsaken Pack" to access Last Wish and Throne tells me there's also an element of old Activision contract involved here. Forsaken won't even be free after it's vaulting.

Also, honestly, I wouldn't put it past Bungie that The Final Shape will bring back most or all vaulted content, then they just park that version like Destiny 1 is forever as they drop the One and PS4 and post Final Shape is the Series/PS5 and later hardware only. Because honestly, with that name, the fact they said it's the end of the light/dark storyline and how old the One/PS4 will be at that point, I expect Destiny 2: The One After Final Shape effectively vaulting the *entire* game in one go to start anew.

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