Okay, for real, Marty, what is going on with you? (Off-Topic)

by cheapLEY @, Sunday, May 15, 2022, 13:19 (46 days ago) @ Kermit
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The classical liberal in me respects and will defend his right to say what he thinks--I don't have to agree with it. Maybe he's decided it's not worth his time dealing with zealots who hate his guts because of what they think they know about him--the people who enjoy the attention they get when they use him as a prop for their online performances. They have no interest in having an honest, good faith exchange with him where something could be learned or taught. If that is what this is about, I can't blame him.

You’re operating under the delusion that you have to know someone intimately to judge them, and that all opinions are worth respect. I’m of the opinion that when someone willing provides you with examples of their character, you can listen to them with knowing every detail of who they are. Someone who compares Covid restrictions to Nazi German is no longer worth any of my respect, for example, and is a person with which good faith discussion is no longer an option. Claiming that people who refuse to do so are being performative is ignorant at best, if not outright stupid.

Edit: I guess that’s not always true. It is performative, in instances like this very post, in that it’s important to publicly call out this sort of dogwhistle bullshit. We don’t have to respect everyone’s opinions. Sometimes people’s opinions are dogshit, and we should call them out as such.

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