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by cheapLEY @, Monday, May 16, 2022, 10:04 (45 days ago) @ Kermit
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That’s not the case at all, and you’re smart enough to know better.

It's not literally the case, but you've ruled out a conversation,

I don’t owe anyone a conversation. Nobody owes me an explanation of their beliefs, but if I think their beliefs are shitty, I’m not going to associate with them. Let’s be real, though. The whole world of information is in everyone’s pocket. If someone is going to go out there and make ridiculous and harmful statements like that, why the hell should I waste my time engaging with them? What could I say to overcome what’s probably a lifetime of indoctrination to that stupidity? I don’t care to waste my precious time doing it.

I don’t think anyone is irredeemable. If I did, I’d have had to throw myself off a bridge a long time ago. But that doesn’t mean I have to just stand by and accept people for who they are, when all evidence points to those people being shitty.

Have you ever thought about quitting Twitter? It could lead to a less Manichean view of things.

I very rarely use twitter. I’ve been on that site literally less than two dozen times, ever. I always think about using it to follow creators I like, but I never check it. I happened to see Marty’s tweet one of the few times I actually logged on. It made me dig deeper, though, and it would be wrong to say it was an isolated incident. It’s the one good thing about twitter (and all social media)—it makes it easy to avoid the awful people, because they’re out there willingly showing the world how awful they are.

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