Initial Reactions to Season of the Haunted: Mild Spoilers (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 06:18 (379 days ago) @ Cody Miller
edited by cheapLEY, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 06:22

They’ve done a great job with this honestly. They’re consistently releasing new and interesting weapons with new cool perks. The class reworks along with seasonal mods encourage playing with builds quite a bit.

The problem is that you need a full set of gear for any particular build, and getting armor with the correct stat distribution is a chore. I’m okay with that investment, but they’ve been changing stuff at a quick pace, such that I can’t really keep up. They just released Void 3.0 with Witch Queen. I had armor that mostly worked for that, but what I need for the new Solar build I want is totally different, so I have to build a set basically from square one. Combine that with the power level stuff, and it gets kinda tedious.

They’ve nerfed ability recharge times across the board, so those stats are more important than they’ve ever been. Previously close enough was good enough, now it really isn’t.

Admittedly this is where my aggressive gear deletion policy bites me in the ass.

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