ISoY: Bungie "Strikes" Back (Destiny)

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Alt Title: Stupid Games. Stupid Prizes.

Note: Wrote this last night, but it was too late to post it. Was going to make a post today, but got delayed by other things. Wa-evs. It's all good. Since this post is now existing without my doing so, what I wrote may be a touch redundant now, but... again, whatever. What I have to say still works. Here it is. Cheers.

This thread is a follow up to the posts I (and Vortech) made 3 or so months ago about the (as I titled it) "Indiscriminate Strikes on Youtube", where all sorts of Destiny Youtuber and Bungies own official YouTube account got hit with DCMA take down notices and strikes. Of this topic, yesterday I was made aware that there was progress on this story, thanks in part to the brief mention in this weeks razor thin TWAB.

Takedown Update

In a previous TWAB (https://destiny.bungie.org/bwu/405), we let everyone know that a series of copyright takedown issues on YouTube had been identified as being fraudulent by someone impersonating our intellectual property protection service. We wanted to give a brief update and let everyone affected know that we have identified the individual responsible and we are taking legal action.

We take these matters seriously and will invest the time and resources required to protect our community from malicious actors.

That said, do not attempt to harass, attack, or pile onto this individual. Any direct outreach not by Bungie’s legal team could impair our ability to address the harm done to our community, which is our priority. We have your backs on this and will make sure this individual meets with the future they deserve. Much though we appreciate the sentiment, we aren’t asking for your help in making that happen.

Now that this person has been identified, it has removed some challenges we faced in reviewing license requests for archived music uploads. If you have been waiting for these, thank you for your patience, and we hope to get back to you in the next few weeks.

The underline formatting is my edit.

So I went to look for the public legal brief, found it, and I gave it a read. I was curious on what the lowdown on what transpired was all about. And, uh... I'm no lawyer, but...


*Shocked Laughter* Hol-ee shit, what a dumb ass. This kid (who on a quick look AND NO MORE, 'cause it's NOT OUR business (nor should we want it to be), seems to be in his 20's)... has tactically nuked himself into... well potentially bankruptcy. I don't know. Not good, but based on what I read, that's what happens what you reach the "find out" phase. Don't know what was going on in this persons life prior, but it sure wasn't a gem. The reported actions of the accused are of such blind and baneful wrath for stupid and meaningless reasons, I can hardly stand it. Reading the legal brief had me finding myself trying to express a dozen things at once and they're all half sentences of "You freaking power drunk fool" and (somehow) split second motions of tactical face-palms. This young idiot went all "Tack-ti-COOL Mall Cop" in his antics and I for one wasn't ready for the ending of the story before the lawyers start outlining damages. The ending about "The letter" and the "threats" preceding it.




SO... if ya'll want a READ, here's where I found an article which provides not only a link to read the official legal brief, but also a pretty solid telling of what all this is about here-in should you need it. But folks, if you ask me, the -real- interesting stuff both indirect an otherwise, is in the brief. One of my favorite paragraphs being;

106. While Bungie’s legal department, management, and executives were
attempting to negotiate the byzantine procedural labyrinth Google required before it
would address the fraud Minor was committing, let alone identify him to Bungie,
Minor was gloating, confessing, and threatening.

"byzantine procedural labyrinth" ... *chefs kiss* lol. Oh man have I've known them feels.

I won't say much else, short of spoiling any more than already has been, but... wow. Far more entertaining a read then I had expected. Maybe we'll chatter about it later. Or not, can never really tell around here.

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