People are being weirdly obtuse about this... (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, November 14, 2022, 15:28 (554 days ago) @ Korny
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These free content releases and events simply aren't in the cards anymore.

Zero Hour and Whisper were the only free things in that list. Everything else was contingent on a DLC or season, I’m pretty sure.

Also, we’re still getting lots of that style of content. Whisper and Zero Hour have just become the exotic missions like Presage and whatever the Hawkmoon quest was called. Vox Obscura was a disappointing follow up to those, admittedly, and it’s a bummer we haven’t seen another one since then. Dungeons are also expanded versions of that style of content.

Corridors of Time was neat in principle, but it’s not exactly riveting content, and I’m not super torn up about obscure puzzles not being a thing. At least Niobe Labs was ostensibly solvable without internet crowd sourcing.

All scrapped in favor of two Dungeons a year that you pay $20 for.

I genuinely do not feel like we’re getting less worthwhile content than we used to. We got Presage and Hawkmoon. Vox Obscura, I guess. Seasonal content is hit or miss, but the story missions for last season were great, in my opinion, and far better than the Corridors of Time puzzle, if I had to choose. The Xenophage Quest. The exotic quests from Beyond Light were both fun. All the Dungeons. The reprised raids are arguably more substantial free content than we ever got before.

I would say it’s a bummer to know we can’t really look forward to any surprises, but that’s more because the pattern of Destiny releases is so well established. It needs a structural shake-up of some sort, I think.

Destiny youtube is going crazy trying to stir up drama about dropping player numbers like we aren’t at the end of the most boring season in recent memory, in a long line of very samey seasonal content. I don’t think a new Corridors of Time is the fix.

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