A step back with TLOU II Casting (Fan Creations)

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Female empowerment, or male fantasy about female empowerment?


It didn't seem to be about that, but rather the examination of oppressive structures and customs through the eyes of someone naive to it all. I don't think at any point would I have called her character empowered.

That was just a prompt, based on common interpretations. I’m still getting my head around what the movie means. That said, if you think at NO moment was the main character empowered, that makes me wonder if we saw the same movie. Mainly, I just want to know what you thought about generally, as a movie. Did you enjoy it?

Yes, it was completely hilarious.

As for what it means, I think it's arguing for a balanced approach to life. At first it seems to skewer the way contemporary society looks at poverty and sex. Why not just have rich people give poor people money? Why not just have sex any time you want if it feels good?

But as the cynic pointed out, this ignores the wickedness in the world which is unfixable. Someone will always take advantage. You can't eliminate it entirely. Someone like the Sailors will always steal the money. Someone like Duncan or Alfie will always try to trap women. Or even other women, as in the case of the Madam.

In the end, she inflicts a little cruelty of her own by killing the frog for amusement, and later turning Alfie into a goat (and seems to enjoy it). So sin is always in the world and within ourselves. Thus, we must balance the life of the Id and SuperEgo.

Also the garden of Eden metaphor bothered me, since "God" was not spiritual at all, but rather coldly scientific. So it doesn't make much sense to have his house be the garden, and her first discovery of self pleasure be with the forbidden fruit (a literal apple). If anything, he was supportive of her leaving and he did not inflict upon her original sin. Note she killed the frog BEFORE she used the apple.

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