Done done Dune (Off-Topic)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, March 14, 2024, 11:20 (42 days ago) @ Kermit

I think he has a thing on his website for that.

Most recommended starting with Mistborn (The Final Empire), as it’s a fairly breezy read and gives you a good taste of his style. If you like it, finish that trilogy. I started with Stormlight (Way of Kings), but those are much larger, dense epic fantasy books. I think they are his best works so far, but it’s also not complete yet. The 5th Stormlight book releases later this year, and will wrap up the first half of the series, which is supposed to be a satisfying conclusion of the current arc, but there are 5 more books planned.

If you want a really easy read to give him a shot, I love Tress of the Emerald Sea and Yumi and the Nightmare Painter, which are stand alone books from his kickstarter last year. With the caveat that almost all of his books are in the same universe, The Cosmere, so there are connections between all of them. You’ll get a bit more out of the stand alone books if you’re aware of everything, but it’s slight and not worth worrying about for those two in particular.

It all seems more complicated than it is, but unlike with Dune, there aren’t any real skips.

This is also a source of constant debate, so someone else might chime in and say something totally different. As long as you don’t read books within a series out of order, I think you can really just pick one and start.

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