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by SteelGaribaldi @, Sol system, Tuesday, August 12, 2014, 22:51 (2670 days ago)

Toward the end of the Beta, one part of Destiny became cumbersome and annoying for me: finding the right weapon. It was on my Warlock, or on my Hunter, or on my Titan, or in the vault. I would try to find a weapon with the right Damage Type, Level, Attack, or Upgrade perks - I had the Companion open on my phone, B-net open on my computer, and the character screen open in Destiny. I'd try to remember which armor had the upgrade that increases reload speed on auto rifles, and then I would squint at the little bars for Impact and Rate of Fire on those 3 screens trying to find the right auto rifle. ... I grew frustrated. I wanted more data in front of me, in an easy to compare format.

When the Beta was over (and I couldn't play Destiny anymore), I built a spreadsheet. (I'm an engineer, it's what we do. (We also abuse parentheses.))

The Companion's Little Helper has the stats for my weapons and armor across all 3 characters and the vault. I built it in Numbers so that I could fiddle with it on my iPad during my lunch break. (Versions for Google Docs and Excel in OneDrive.) Make a copy for your personal use.

I'll give an example of how I expect to use this, then describe / show the parts of the spreadsheet.

Companion's Little Helper in action

It's September 15, I'm at work, I get a message from a buddy. He tells me we're going to attempt a raid tonight, and he thinks we can finish it this time. I know that I need Arc damage for the Fallen shields and Solar damage for the Hive shields, and I know I've got armor that reduces grenade cooldown. But where are those weapons? And have I earned that armor upgrade?

I grab my iPad and spend part of my lunch break looking in the Little Helper for weapons and armor I can use in this raid. I've been spending time on my Warlock lately, so I think he'll be the best character to take into this raid. I look at Warlock armor first.

Looks like my Warlock armor is pretty good, so I decide to play my Warlock in this raid.


Each class of weapon (Primary, Special, Heavy) has a tab of stats and info, letting me easily compare weapons. The yellow triangles on the column headers are comments on each cell, tool tips with more info about the column.


Primary (big version):



Each Guardian (Warlock, Hunter, Titan) has a tab of stats and info. The categories for the top 4 pieces of armor are added together, letting you see the totals for that combination of armor. This combination of Warlock armor provides 146 Defense and 62 Discipline.


Warlock (big version):

Guardians of the ... Solar System

That's what I've been doing with my free time since July 27 at 6pm. I can't play Destiny now, but I can get ready for the gear meta-game.

Meta-game? In the Beta, my guardian had 10 slots for each weapon and armor type, and the Vault had 20 slots for weapons and 20 slots for armor. That's 50 weapons slots and 60 armor slots available with your first guardian.

I might be able to keep track of 10-15 Primary Weapons. Maybe.

But, when you have all 3 guardians going, that will be 110 weapon slots and 140 armor slots. That's 30-40 Primary Weapons spread across 4 locations. That's too much to juggle between my head and the Companion, so I'm upgrading my gear game with a spreadsheet.

When I'm level 15 or 20, and half my gear isn't changing every other level, I'll be using this to give myself an edge in Strikes and Raids.


Thanks to Datto for his video on the Armor attributes, and his video on Weapon Damage Types (Solar, Arc, Void).

This labeled image of Bad Juju should explain the numbering of the upgrade columns. [image]

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