Find your weapons & armor - Companion's Little Helper. *IMG* (Destiny)

by SteelGaribaldi @, Sol system, Wednesday, August 13, 2014, 05:59 (2917 days ago) @ Ragashingo

Very interesting. To clarify, the numbers for things like Impact, RoF, etc come from the detailed weapon view on Bungie.net?

Yes. If you right-click and Inspect Element on the Gozen-C my Warlock has, and search for "Gozen", you should see <div class="itemName" data-bind="text: DEFS.items[$data.itemHash()].itemName">Gozen-C</div> or similar. If you ALT-click on the disclosure triangle on the next line (<div class="itemBody">), it should open the entire Gozen-C code block. Search for style="width: 41%;" - that's the width of the Impact bar, it says Impact 2 lines above.

I'm wondering now though if some of the weapon stats and levels aren't a bit randomized. For instance, you have a Magnum Mk. 32 with an Attack value of 64 listed as level 9, but my Hunter has (had...) a Magnum Mk. 32 with an attack value of 62 equipped as her primary weapon for most of the beta.

Ahh, sorry about that. I found some weapons with levels above 8, but I wasn't sure what they were, so I declared them to have a level. I should have noted that those levels were "above 8", and that I didn't know the exact number.

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