All this time Raga and Cody have been agreeing... (Destiny)

by iconicbanana, C2-H5-OH + NAD, Portland, OR, Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 18:26 (2707 days ago) @ Xenos

The real problem is this moderator power - it's consuming me! I tried to reply to something like three different posts today by hitting "edit" instead of "reply". Luckily I realized my mistake before any damage was done... Except for, of course, the one long ass post with formatting and a bunch of linked images. :)

I've definitely never done this before on accident on someone else's post that I fixed using copy and paste from my browser history. I would never be that inattentive.

...but the mad tyranny of the Admins has transmuted them into bitter rivals.

We are all the playthings of the crazed whims of eldritch behemoths.

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