That fourth one on network architecture is mind-boggling (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Wednesday, April 01, 2015, 19:22 (2646 days ago) @ Ragashingo

and are available missions linked to your fireteam host rather than the location you're in? Otherwise why would the missions be consistent from one area after you leave and return? If those can be linked to your fireteam to remember their gamestate as you move through different bubble hosts, why can't world events be linked as well?

Also, god I want the game to read your friends list and try to match you to bubble hosts where your friends are playing. It seems like giving server preference that way wouldn't be too taxing. 40 available servers of which 1 has a friend, attempting to join friend... etc.

Furthermore, if the bubble hosts are all independent servers, why are they all identical? You could easily put a few random variables in there to make each host have slightly different spawns (location, number, type of enemies could all change), or to have slightly different geometry (a blown up devilwalker, a crashed spaceship, a vex conflux). Little touches to give variety would help the game out a lot.

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