The DBO Challenge - Week 4: Legacy Limericks.

by ncsuDuncan @, Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 20:15 (4065 days ago)


Due to a vexing temporal rift (well, a friend's out-of-town wedding), the DBO Challenge took an unannounced week off. Rest assured, we're back on schedule - and future breaks will be indicated ahead of time.

Anyways, if you haven't sampled Week 3's entries, now is a good time to grab some headphones, crank the volume, and experience the aural landscape your fellow DBO members have crafted.

Using an Excel sheet's RAND() function and a list of Week 3's participants, I randomly selected two winners to receive "SmashMuck Champions" beta codes:
Stephen Laughlin

Keep an eye on your email inboxes, gentlemen. Everyone else, take a look at the DBO Challenge Leaderboard, which has been updated to reflect Week 3's participation. Please glance over it and make sure I've awarded each of you the proper number of points.


Deadline: 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, April 16th.

The re-release of Pathways Into Darkness is an excellent opportunity to do a Challenge focused on the rich legacy of games preceding Destiny. Your task this week is to write a limerick about one of Bungie's previous titles. Please stick to the standard limerick form of AABBA. (more details)

Available Points:
+1 point for participation

Bonus Points:
+1 point for the "best" limerick about Gnop!, Operation: Desert Storm, or Minotaur
+1 point for the "best" limerick about Pathways Into Darkness or Marathon
+1 point for the "best" limerick about Myth or Oni
+1 point for the "best" limerick about Halo
+2 points for "best" overall

You can enter as many times as you like, in as many categories as you want, but you can only win bonus points once. Note that "best" will be determined by myself or an impartial judge of my choosing.

Bonus Prizes:
Two entrants (randomly selected) will each receive one code for Master Chief armor for your Xbox Avatar.


TLDR: Write limericks about about any previously released Bungie game by 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, April 16th.

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