Exotic Concept: Lest Ye Be Judged (Fan Creations)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Saturday, May 09, 2015, 04:47 (3304 days ago)
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Lest Ye Be Judged (Titan Chest)

Light fuse...

Tired of getting killed by "Panic Supers"? Want to make BladeDancers and FoH-ers think twice about killing you? This is the exotic for you...

What it does: Changes the way people approach their Supers on the battlefield once they're within a certain range. What this chest does is absorb energy (Light abilities being a major source of it, hence the flavor text) and convert it into a detonation upon death. It is also affected by passive abilities, such as the Ward of Dawn, Wizard Poison, PoE Web trap, and Radiance grenades. It also grants extra Auto Rifle and Scout Rifle ammo, as it's designed to be a somewhat lighter armor.

Why: I wanted to increase the importance of battlefield assessment, while toning down the dependency of "panic supers", as they can just as easily get you killed as well (Hence the name's reference to consequences of equal measure).
Similar to a Martyr grenade from CoD, this is intended to wrest some control of the situation from Enemies that kill you with a Super, giving them very little time to escape from the blast. This carries over to PvE, where players can turn debuffs into a less painful situation, if not an advantage. Caught in a Prison of Elders web? Your death could buy your teammates some time to get to you if you end up clearing the enemies that swarmed you. Killed by an FoH in Trials of Osiris? You could help your teammates out if the Titan didn't kill them too.

Aesthetics: First and foremost, I wanted to make a Titan armor with female characters in mind. Pretty much all existing Titan armor seems to have been designed for males, giving the females odd proportions. I wanted a more slimmed-down, but still unisex piece of armor that would appeal to both genders, and that's how I found an ideal design (I used Faora's armor from Man of Steel).
I didn't want it to catch Guardians off-guard, so I wanted it to have bright glowing lights on the chest and running down the back, and a shiny solar panel-like abdomen (to highlight the way it absorbs Light), so you can quickly identify it in the field.
If a player is being affected by a passive ability such as the Ward of dawn, the suit will start flashing and beeping, giving the enemy team a chance to react, even if they can't see the player.

Balance: The lights, shine, sounds, and need for a specific scenario help balance this armor. A player must die before the weapon has an effect on the field, and there is also a very small delay between death and detonation, allowing players that are far enough to survive the lethal range (about the same as a Ward of Dawn). Smart players can use this to scare Titans out of their bubbles, or chase away Blade Dancers, or make Warlocks panic when activating their Nova bomb/Radiance.

We definitely need armors that are designed with female characters in mind...

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