Gunslingers don't care (Fan Creations)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Saturday, May 09, 2015, 18:50 (3303 days ago) @ Korny

This doesn't really do anything worthwhile. If a titan panic smashes you, that's a win for your team, since he only killed one person with the super. If he dies, that doesn't change much. If the titan smashes 4 people at the heavy ammo box and dies due to this, they win because they denied you your heavy ammo.

So you bounce from it being OP to it being pointless? Well okay then...

So you are arguing that using a Super on one person in a panic is just as useful as using it against an entire team? Cody Is Right.™ A Super can go from completely wasted (say you try to Fist of Havok someone but miss and go off the end of the map by mistake) to the most useful thing in the game (you take out an entire team just as they pick up the heavy ammo.) Either you're here to discuss or you're here to troll. Can't do both...

Also, this makes gunslingers even more OP. Who cares if you explode if I'm golden gunning you from far away? This exotic is punishing the 'weakest' supers.

Not affecting significantly doesn't automagicaly grant it more strength. Besides, all Supers (besides Defender) have a range variant of their attack. Voidwalkers have Lance, Titans and Blade Dancers have a Wave-based variant, and Warlocks have the Radiance grenades. Heck, the Defenders have Suppression grenades that can nullify abilities, so they can STILL negate supers against their bubbles. What if Suppression grenades could disable the explosion (EMP style)? That would add value to an underused grenade... Heck, if anything, a Defender with this chest would be even MORE powerful, because then you really wouldn't want to approach their bubble!

Overpowered. That's what a Defender with this armor would be.

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