Holy sh*t (Fan Creations)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Saturday, May 09, 2015, 15:03 (3297 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I think the point is - think about your super. Use it wisely. It may not necessarily be the get out of jail free card it is today...

But you already have to think about when to use your Super. Supering that one guy who got the drop on you might save you one death now at the expense of not being able to stop the entire enemy team from picking up heavy ammo later. Your one panicked kill could easily translate into handing the enemy fifteen kills just a minute later. In most cases it is a success on your if you manage to bait an enemy into wasting their super on just you!

I also think this armor would be a huge blow to Defenders. They are already stuck in place, have to worry about incoming Supers, and now someone wearing this armor can just walk into their bubble at any time and win? Again, Supers are meant to be powerful and this armor would almost complete negate any advantage the Defender class has. I think this armor would potentially be overpowered vs Blade Dancers and almost game breaking vs Defenders.

The goal is to scare the Defenders out, and if anything, they have the best chance of survival against the explosion, since they can just kill the player and jump out of their bubble, letting it absorb the blast. A good BladeDancer might be able to survive the blast if they lunge away from it, since there is a tiny delay (maybe a quick chirping sound to warn them).

Either way, in my experience, being able to counter a Defender is a rare occurrence. The only way to counter it is with specific supers, and that makes it unique (and some would say overpowered) among supers. You don't become a helplessly stationary target, you become a wall that few things can topple. I can't tell you how many times I've run in, meleed and shotgunned the Titan facing away without even denting his shields, only to have him turn around and blow me away. Heck, I've stuck them with grenades, and that's not enough to pop their armor shield...

And the argument used most is "they're defenseless while inside!", but most times that I see a bubble, I see enemies protecting it, or poking their head out for a second to snipe, rocket, grenade, Thorn, or MG anyone approaching. With Armor, it's nigh impossible to kill a group inside a Bubble, so what if someone could rush in and sacrifice themselves to bring down the bubble and potentially the enemy team?
You remove the need to give up a Super to blow it up (which isn't even a guarantee, as I've hit bubbles with plenty of Nova bombs to little effect).

But as I said, the Defenders (and maybe even BladeDancers) have a solid chance of surviving if they're smart enough... What would be extra funny is if they survive, but accidentally get their teammate(s) blown up in the process... communication is key!

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