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by Mr Daax ⌂ @, aka: SSG Daax, Sunday, June 02, 2013, 11:41 (3405 days ago)


He says
"I’m excited for the next generation of games. Not just the horsepower, but the services both parties [Sony and Microsoft] are building around it. When we went down and looked at what our pillars for Destiny would be -- which, by the way, have existed since 2009 -- and then looked at their pillars in candid conversations we were having with Sony before their reveal in February, they’re almost like a mirror with each other. Shared stories, building your legend, living worlds that feel alive instead of a disc in a drive, spaces that are fundamentally cooperative. All those things line up so well with next-gen messaging. It was exciting for us to see that something we were building was not only fundamentally next-gen without the hardware, but we sort of became the de facto tip-of-the-spear for next-gen by nature of what we were building. I think that’s a really fun place to be..."

I have no doubt that Destiny will be awesome regardless of what system it is played on. But Bungie's wooing of the Playstation community, and their comments about the PS4, like urk's, or Jason's "it's a great piece of gear..." leave me more excited for the PS4 than the XBO. We'll see what E3 has in store, but what do all of you think? Has any of this made you more or less excited about either of the next-gen consoles?

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