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by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Sunday, June 02, 2013, 12:33 (3068 days ago) @ Mr Daax

I have no doubt that Destiny will be awesome regardless of what system it is played on. But Bungie's wooing of the Playstation community, and their comments about the PS4, like urk's, or Jason's "it's a great piece of gear..." leave me more excited for the PS4 than the XBO. We'll see what E3 has in store, but what do all of you think? Has any of this made you more or less excited about either of the next-gen consoles?

Honestly I think the majority of that is just Microsoft's and Sony's doings. Sony has been very open and inviting to Bungie, while Microsoft seems to have ignored Bungie. Bungie was invited to both the PS4 announcement and now the Sony E3 Press Conference while Microsoft has not invited Bungie to either event and hasn't even said Bungie or Destiny under their breath. Part of this I'm sure is Microsoft mostly trying to show off exclusive content, but then why did they use Call of Duty: Ghosts as their "big game" at the reveal? We'll see if they at least mention Destiny at E3, but I think Microsoft isn't worried about the publicity they would get from Bungie, so they're letting it slide.

Personally, I like XBox Live, so unless something major changes about the service, or we find out something (confirmedly) horrific about the console, I'll probably get an XBox One. To put it a better way: I'll be excited/disappointed when we find out the confirmed details for both consoles.

(Just so you know I'm not just making up the stuff about Sony and Microsoft in regards to Bungie: source)

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