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by narcogen ⌂ @, Andover, Massachusetts, Monday, June 03, 2013, 20:17 (3099 days ago) @ Mr Daax

I have no doubt that Destiny will be awesome regardless of what system it is played on. But Bungie's wooing of the Playstation community, and their comments about the PS4, like urk's, or Jason's "it's a great piece of gear..." leave me more excited for the PS4 than the XBO. We'll see what E3 has in store, but what do all of you think? Has any of this made you more or less excited about either of the next-gen consoles?

I think I'd still prefer to see the game on PCs and Macs now that Bungie is completely independent, but at this moment, if I was forced to choose a next-gen console, I might well be leaning towards the PS4. MS has so far badly handled the announcement of the Xbox One with regard to those who primarily want a console for gaming. What MS is trying to do with the console is understandable and justifiable given their business model, but I already have hardware and software that handles my entertainment needs more than adequately, and I don't need, don't want, and can't use a replacement CATV box that uses HDMI passthrough.

That said, w/r/t Destiny specifically:

I feel strongly that MS acquiescing to spinning Bungie off as an independent company was placing a bet on the Halo franchise's future, and against the success of any new Bungie property succeeding on the same level. Bungie had trouble getting a second team to work on new IPs while under Microsoft's umbrella, and I honestly believe that if MS had felt that Bungie had another hit in them, they would have allowed them to do it, rather than contracting them to do two more Halo titles in addition to the trilogy (a side story and a prequel) and then forming a whole new in-house studio to do yet another sequel.

There may very well be decision-makers at Microsoft with a stake in seeing 343 Industries' Halo games be placed more prominently, and sell better than Bungie's new property on Microsoft platforms. To push Destiny now might very well be an admission that mistakes were made in handling Bungie as a studio.

Bungie may well not need much help from Microsoft anyway. With their new title now set to launch on at least four different platforms (one each from the last and next generations of MS and Sony hardware) and a sizable fanbase among Microsoft console owners, plus Sony's help in promoting the franchise on their own hardware, Destiny will probably have every chance to be nearly as big if not bigger than Halo was, but with a larger audience to draw on. Even selling half as well as an average Halo game, but on both Sony and MS hardware, would mean total sales on par with Halo, and probably a bigger take for Bungie, as I assume Activision is not taking as much from their publishing deal as MS got for owning the studio.

Initially I had thought that Bungie would even things up with Microsoft by E3; that this has not happened I think says more about what Microsoft wants to do than what Bungie wants to do.

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