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Happy Bungie Day!

It's July 7, otherwise known as Bungie Day, and Bungie's got a boatload of info for you. Here's what's on tap:

  • There will be three separate Collectors' Editions of Destiny, come September (they're all available for all four release platforms):

    1. The Limited Edition ($100) contains a SteelBook case and game disc, a leatherbound folio with background info (a field guide, stickers, and more), plus digital content including the Destiny Expansion Pass (2 new missions) and exclusive emblems/skins/etc.
    2. The Ghost Edition ($150) contains everything in the Limited Edition, plus a Ghost replica and some extra paper content.
    3. The Digital Guardian Edition ($90) contains all the non-physical contents of the Limited Edition.
    You will also be able to buy the Expansion Pass separately for $35, or the individual missions for $20 each. IGN has an 'unboxing' video showing off the content for all three editions if you want specifics.

  • Bungie wishes you a Happy Bungie Day. This is just a short thank-you to fans who've inspired them to strive harder. (There is a surprising amount of pushback right now in our forum about this - there is a feeling by Xbox owners that it's not really a 'Bungie Day', but a 'PlayStation-owning Bungie Fan Day' - which really doesn't roll quite so smoothly off the tongue.)

  • There are finally details about the upcoming Beta. (This, too, is causing some consternation.) For Playstation owners, the Beta will be available for a maximum of 9 playable days. For Xbox owners, this total is 5 days. (Both numbers might be decreased by the realities of distribution - experience has taught us that 'Starts on X day' can mean 'by the time you get the thing downloaded, it's X+1 day'.) No matter what platform you play on, this article will help you plan out your options.

Linked in almost every single page mentioned above is the new Destiny Official Beta Trailer, which is more than 2 minutes long and chock-full of new tidbits to pore over. We've embedded it below, but you can, of course, find copies in our Official Video collection, for future use. Happy Bungie Day!

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Claude Errera | Jul 7, 2014 11:48 am | link