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DBO's Fan Fiction section - now open

Sometimes things feel like they're moving really slowly... and other times, I'm blown away by the speed. TTL Demag0gue approached me, a couple of days ago, with the idea of a Fan Fiction section here at DBO. He was willing to do the setup and the maintenance - two tasks that scared me enough to think we might not ever get to one. I eagerly took him up on his offer - and thought that in a month or two, or maybe even a few weeks, if we were lucky, we could announce the new section. Instead, we're opening our doors today. The man's amazing! If you would like to submit content, it's pretty simple; just set up an account and submit your story. It will be reviewed, and if it meets the submission guidelines, we'll approve it and you'll find it on the Fan Fiction front page. A huge shout-out to TTL Demag0gue for making this possible so quickly (and so beautifully)!

TAGS: Fanfic
Claude Errera | Apr 3, 2013 09:44 am | link