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This Week At Bungie - December 8

You'll want to swing by and read this week's update from Bungie (either on or here in our own update archive); it's chock-full of juicy info. Next week The Dawning kicks off, and you'll have 3 weeks to get your fill of Sparrow racing before it goes away again. (Next Wednesday, Bungie will take on Rooster Teeth in a televised SRL-based Bungie Bounty.) Also in the update: new gear available during the event (pretty fun stuff!), a detailed preview of some of the changes coming in the update, and the standard stuff (player support, fan videos). Speaking of fan videos - the Movie of the Week is jaw-dropping. I'm almost embarrassed by the complaining I've done in the past about Bungie's Raid-based jumping puzzles; Epicookiez shows that they're so easy, you can do them on a Sparrow! You gotta watch.

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Claude Errera | Dec 9, 2016 10:21 am | link