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This Week At Bungie - 01/11/2018

Faction Rally

The first update of the year is somewhat brief, as Cozmo is busy wiping the cobwebs from his desk (welcome back!). The big news is the Development Update that we spoke about earlier today, where you can get a decent head's up on what's to come to the world of Destiny 2 in the coming months. Faction Rally is set to return next week, with all three factions offering an Auto Rifle (and some new duds) as a reward for your loyalty, though Destiny Player Support informs us that the game will be down for maintenance from 8-12pm on Tuesday in order to make it all happen.
Cozmo wraps it all up with four Movies of the Week, including a wonderful piano arrangement of "Journey", by Lady Desiree. Give it a read over at Bungie's site, or check the local copy available here.

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