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This Week at Bungie - 2/8/2018

Another really solid TWAB this week, focusing on some major changes coming to Nightfalls (especially Prestige Nightfalls) and Raids (especially Prestige Raids).

Nightfalls will soon have new scoring and timing mechanics, as well as strike-specific emblems to track and flaunt your highest scores.  Additionally, Challenge Cards will drop that will allow you to activate certain modifiers and handicaps on Prestige runs that make it more challenging, but also come with score multipliers and promises of more rewarding loot.  The first of theses changes are slated for Update 1.1.3, currently targeted for February 27th, but Bungie promises that theses are only initial offerings that will be tweaked and added to as time goes on and community feedback rolls in.

As for Raid activities, new challenges will be coming to Prestige Raids in the form of curated loadouts.  Each week, one Raid/Raid Lair will be set up with a rotating slate of modifiers and loadout restrictions with the core goals being to "provide new ways to engage with raid content each week, new ways to engage with different weapons in your vault, and new rewards to chase."  These raid changes are being target for May.

I highly recommend you check out the full info-blast either at Bungie's usual place, or here on our local archive.  There really is a lot of substance in this one!

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