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This Week At Bungie - 04/18/2018

Alright, since Claude doesn't like it when we're late, how's about an early This Week At Bungie this time?

This week, we get a reminder that the changes to Crucible are ongoing (how's the 6v6 treating you? Raga wants to know!), so bear with Bungie as they tweak issues like spawns and bugs that may pop up. Speaking of changes, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski drops by to show that there's some pretty clear progress (with examples!) of the reworks coming to many of the exotics. If the three showcased weapons are anything to go by, it looks like it'll be way more fun to change up your loadout!

And while you can sprint to your vault to try out the weapon changes soon, Bungie is looking to slow you down in other areas. Senior Designer Daniel Auchenpaugh gives an explanation on what Bungie's plans are for progression in Destiny as a whole, and what players can expect when the game's second expansion (Warmind) drops. The idea, as he explains, is to "bring back meaning and accomplishment to achieving the Power cap". It's a bit of a doozy, so be sure to read it thoroughly before sounding off!

The update is wrapped up with a reminder that Bungie will be having a few prominent community members over at the studio for a sit-down, Destiny Player Support details the changes that came with this week's Iron Banner, and a couple of entertaining montages (unlike Vesper of Radius, Khepri's Horn is no joke!). As always, a local copy will be available for lighter reading (if it's not up yet, blame Claude).

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