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This Week At Bungie - 6/14/2018

A new weekly roundup went live at yesterday (and in our Weekly Update Archive here) - as you might expect, it does a decent job of recapping the reveals from E3, with teases of the new goodness that's coming in September with Forsaken... but there's other stuff, too. As we all know at this point, Dead Orbit won this Faction Rally, but now we have numbers. Iron Banner is making its next return on Tuesday - you've got 7 days of 6v6 Control to continue your progress on Season 3 Ornaments. The third episode of the Warmind comic will drop next Friday (you can catch up at if you missed either of the first 2). You can get information on how to buy a Bungie Pride shirt to support the LGBTQUIA community. And, of course, you can get the latest updates from the Destiny Player Support team and see the week's best fan-created vids. Go read it!

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Claude Errera | Jun 15, 2018 09:43 am | link