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This Week At Bungie - 6/28/2018

Yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie posted a news update - and it's worth reading. (You can, of course, read it here, in our Archive, as well.) It contains lots of interesting stuff: there's a post-E3 report from several members of the 'Away Team' that was in LA a couple of weeks ago. There's a preview of some Roadmap updates coming this summer (including, specifically, details about Crucible changes coming with the 1.2.3 update due on July 17). There's a bunch of information about the Prestige variants of both Raid Lairs, also dropping in the July update. There's some fantastic info about changes to Collections coming in Forsaken, in September (and what it means to you NOW). And, of course, there are reports from the Destiny Player Support team, fan-created videos, and Nightfall high scores. All in all, some real meat to sink your teeth into!

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Claude Errera | Jun 29, 2018 10:42 am | link