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This Week At Bungie - 8/9/2018

Wait, what? We forgot to let you know about a Weekly Update AGAIN? I mean... okay, anyway, you should read it. It's pretty solid. (We've had a copy in our Archive since Thursday.) Lessee... it's got:

  • The Combat Reveal Stream archive from last week
  • The Dreaming City Trailer as Forsaken PR
  • Details from the Investment Team about becoming powerful in Y2
  • Details about the next Iron Banner (starting Tuesday)
  • Details about Power Levels in Season 4
  • A (temporary) goodbye to Faction Rallies
  • Details about Eververse changes
  • Details about Crucible Labs changes
  • Extra Valor Weekends (going on NOW!)
  • A report from the Player Support team
  • Fan Videos
  • Nightfall scores

It's a busy update!

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Claude Errera | Aug 12, 2018 03:21 pm | link