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This Week at Bungie - 8/16/18

This Week At Bungie, they want you to know about all sorts of things. They're showing off Gambit at Gamescom, in Germany, so there's some answers about Infamy, the upcoming ranking system for Gambit players. Meanwhile, they want to make you feel better about Glory ranks. They also want to let you know about changes in the social systems in Destiny. They're highlighting a new, pretty fun-sounding mode in Crucible Labs. (Scorch Cannons for Everyone!) They have lots of info from the Player Support team (including some great stuff about what you DON'T have to finish by August 28). And they have a bunch of fan content - videos, a fantastic group self-portrait by fan artists, Nightfall scores, the works! Go read it, either at, or in our Archive.

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Claude Errera | Aug 16, 2018 06:36 pm | link