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This Week At Bungie - 10/11/18

Festival of the Lost Super Energy

This (last) week at Bungie, Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny! And more importantly, paper masks are back as well! Grab the free chicken mask, and prepare your wallet for a three-mask Bundle that will be available from the Bungie store (both digital and physical!).
And speaking of your wallet; if you have yet to buy any of the Destiny 2 DLCs, you'll instantly save $20 if you decide to jump in starting on October 16th, as Curse of Osiris and Warmind will be included with your purchase of Forsaken. Wondering what jumping in early entitles you to? Bungie's got you covered with a couple of exclusive veteran emotes and shader/emblem combo! By Sunbreaker's hammer, what a savings!

And because we clearly don't have enough great things coming on the 16th, Iron Banner returns, and Saladin's bringing double and triple Valor with it, along with Powerful Engrams in every bounty (better start cashing in those sick days)! Warm up your Telesto or preferred Crucible Crutch weapon of choice, because Saladin's selling the fantastic Claws of the Wolf pulse rifle.

Wrapping up the update, Bungie's got some Tweets in several languages (Has recibido un Tránsito de Borde!), server maintenance scheduled for several timezones, known errors across several platforms, and music videos from several genres!
As always, you can read the local copy available here.

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