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TWID 6/8/23

This Week's TWAB At Bungie, as we know it, is NO MORE. So instead, please welcome....

This Week's TWID In Destiny has been posted. The handy dandy TL;DR is as follows.

  • A new name for the TWAB.
  • Ready for a new Community Fashion Contest?
  • Grandmasters will be back on June 13.
  • And Supremacy, too.
  • You all owe Kalli an apology.
  • Preview of some fixes.
  • Collaboration art!
  • The usual Player Support Report, and our AOTW and MOTW picks.
Go read it in our archived!

TAGS: twid, 6-8-23
ManKitten | Jun 12, 2023 06:33 am | link