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Bungie Invades GDC

Sure, Claude already made a post about the 2014 Game Developers Conference today, but it looks like one more presentation snuck onto the schedule:

Face Animation Retargeting in Destiny

Jason Garris Jones | Character Technical Artist, Bungie
Tom Sanocki | Character Technical Lead, Bungie

In Face Animation Retargeting in Destiny, we'll explain how we were able to achieve high-quality face animation in our real-time cinematics.

  • We'll show how 42 player-selectable heads shared one animation across different alien/robot races and genders.
  • We'll explain how the way we parameterized our data allowed us to future-proof our rigs, giving our animators and performance-capture technology more flexibility to grow in the future.
  • We'll explain the philosophy that influenced our topology design and bone layout.
  • We'll cover the tools and rig controls we built for our animators.
  • We'll cover some early approaches we tried and why they didn't work for us.
  • Lastly, we'll demonstrate art techniques and processes adapted from computer animated film that were instrumental for achieving higher-quality face rigging.

Very cool. (If that last bullet point sounds intriguing, remember that Tom Sanocki spent 11 years working for Pixar!) GDC also updated each session listing with the proper date and time, so if you're lucky enough to attend the conference be sure to check out all four of Bungie's panels:

This is pretty exciting when you consider the plethora of Destiny teases we got from last year's presentation! (By the way, if you need extra help remembering the dates posted above, the new DBO Calendar might prove useful.)

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