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18 October 2016
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Destiny Update - 10/18/16

2.4.1 The one about Economy changes.


  • General
    • Horn Relays from Sparrow Racing League are no longer used to upgrade Rare Quality Horns
      • These items can be discarded
      • All players will receive 15 Silver Dust as compensation for this change to Horn Relays
    • Fixed an issue where Rare Special Weapon Engrams would sometimes decrypt into Legendary Primary Weapons
    • Gjallar Horn will no longer dismantle into a Horn Relay
    • Fixed an issue where Agonarch Runes were not charging due to the same Taken Major spawning in the Dreadnaught Patrol
    • Fixed an issue where the Consumed Ghost Shell did not properly display its spines
    • Fixed an issue where Comitatus was not dropping properly from Faction Packages for players who own Kondratyuk's Escape
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving SIVA Key Fragments from Raid bosses in Wrath of the Machine
      • 1 SIVA Key Fragment will now drop from Normal Mode bosses
      • 2 SIVA Key Fragments will now drop from Heroic Mode bosses
      • SIVA Key Fragments will drop on each boss kill even if players have already completed the Raid that week
    • Several items from 2015 events have been removed:
      • Flimsy Masks 
      • Gifts of the Lost 
      • Fruit Motes, Glimmer Chew, Salty Engram, Sour Engram, Sugary Engram, Chocolate Strange Coins, Void Fizz
      • Paper Scraps
      • Crumpled Masks
      • Rare Quality Sparrow Horns
    • Paper Glue from Festival of the Lost 2015 now shards into 1 Silver Dust
  • Collections
    • A new Holiday Collection is now available to allow you to reclaim your Festival of the Lost Masks
    • The Sparrow Collection will now allow you to reclaim your Legendary Sparrow Horns
    • Crucible Emblems have been split into two new categories: Crucible and Trials of Osiris
    • The Shaders Iris Germanica, Mercurial Dawn, Surfbreaker, Nebula Glow, Sulfur Burnish, and Electric Aquarius can now be used and seen in the Shader Collection by all three Classes
    • Fixed issue in which two instances of Apotheosis Veil Helmet would appear in the Exotic Armor Collection


  • Inferno Elimination is now available in Private Matches
  • Fixed an issue where Changing Subclasses in Orbit for a PvP activity would reset Melee and Grenade charges
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to get under the stairs on the Drifter map
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Banner Support Bounty was not awarding 5 points for Allies Defended
  • The Lighthouse on Mercury is now a social space that can accommodate up to 9 players with a Flawless Trials Passage


  • Fixed an issue where uncommon Warlock Bonds were being sent to the Postmaster for recovery
  • Eververse
    • Reputation Boosters can now be purchased for Silver Dust as well as Silver


  • Fixed an issue where the Trespasser did not require an Exotic Shard to Infuse
  • All changes to increase Light above 385 will take effect upon the release of Heroic Mode for Wrath of the Machine
  • Activities
    • The SIVA Strike Playlist will now drop rewards up to 365 Light
    • The Heroic SIVA Strike Playlist will now drop rewards up to 385 Light
    • Archon's Forge can now drop rewards up to 385 Light
    • Archon's Forge can now drop Ghosts and Artifacts up to 400 Light
    • Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Strike Hoards will now provide drops up to 400 Light
    • Wrath of the Machine, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner will now attempt to reward higher Light items on average
  • Packages
    • Vanguard, Crucible, and Faction packages will now provide drops up to 390 Light
    • Increased chance of Artifacts from Crota's Bane Reputation Packages
    • Increased chance of Ghosts from New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, Vanguard, and Crucible Reputation Packages
  • Engrams
    • Rare Engrams will now decrypt up to 365 Light
    • Legendary Engrams will now decrypt up to 385 Light
    • Exotic Engrams will now decrypt up to 400 Light


  • Fixed an issue that caused Firefly to activate many, many more times than intended causing a crash


  • Exotics
    • The following Exotic Armor no longer require Rise of Iron and can be acquired through Exotic Engrams:
      • Astrocyte Verse (Warlock Helm)
      • Ophidium Aspect (Warlock Gauntlets)
      • Thagomizers (Titan Gauntlets)
    • Adjusted the Rapid Cooldown perk on the Fr0st-EE5 Hunter Exotic Legs to no longer interfere with the base cooldown provided by stats


  • Fixed an issue with the Roster previews for the following Emblems:
    • Memories of Iron
    • Shield of the City
  • Eververse sections for Emotes now displayed as Emotes I and Emotes II
  • Fixed an issue where the Taken War Heroic Strikes Playlist tooltip incorrectly displayed +10 Legendary Marks as a reward
  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Heroic Strike node was not updating with the Weekly Reset
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic SIVA Crisis Playlist was not counting towards the "Take a Strike" Record in the Rise of Iron Record Book