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TWID 7-27-23

twid 7-27-23

This week in Destiny, they're donning some sweet glow action to praise the sun, talking about upcoming economy changes and the philosophy of Warden's Law, and celebrating accessibility in games.

  • Raid date time? Raid date time.
  • Veil Containment behind the scenes.
  • Let's talk Warden's Law.
  • It's week-two of Solstice, let's go!
  • Economy overhaul recap, plus a nod to Dead Man's Tale.
  • Time to vote on a map. (Not that I'm pushing for Cathedral or anything...)
  • A win for accessibility, and we're just getting started.
  • Art of the Week and Movie of the Week selections.
Read it in our archive. 

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ManKitten | Jul 27, 2023 02:56 pm | link

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