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The Merch Begins

Numskull Designs is a company that makes official merchandise for a variety of properties, and their latest offering is Destiny 2. All the expected stuff is there - ball caps, key chains, wallets, coffee mugs - but some more interesting and esoteric stuff is on offer, as well. Destiny 2 scented candles? Check. Traveler-themed Christmas ornaments? Check. Bathrobes? Check. Want ice cubes in the shape of the Destiny 2 Tricorn? You can have them! Swing by their website to see what's on offer. (This stuff won't be available until Destiny 2 launches, on September 6, but you can start making your Christmas list now.) If you're interested in seeing prices, The Yellow Bulldog website has all of this stuff up and available for preorder. (Some of the other distributors are not fully online, though you'll be able to buy this stuff in various Amazon stores next month.) Thanks to CyberKN for the heads-up - chime in if you've got feedback!

TAGS: des2ny, merch
Claude Errera | Aug 9, 2017 09:10 am | link

Bungie's Vision for Destiny 2

Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy sat down with IGN to talk about what drove them when building a sequel for Destiny - it's an interesting pair of discussions, and should help people who weren't sure whether Destiny 2 was going to be more of the same, or a course change. Thanks to kidtsunami for pointing it out!

TAGS: Des2ny, vision
Claude Errera | Jul 6, 2017 10:01 am | link

First look at The Farm

IGN has posted a video showing off the first new social space unveiled in Destiny 2 - it's called 'The Farm', and it contains both familiar functions (Cryptarch, Postmaster), and new or upgraded ones (fully-scorable soccer, anyone?). Pretty nice! Go watch for lots of tidbits. Thanks, CyberKN.

TAGS: Des2ny, farm
Claude Errera | Jul 5, 2017 10:09 am | link

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