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A Bunker Built For Two

It's pretty rare that we direct and detailed looks at the making of Destiny's spaces. We're lucky to get a Ride Along or two each year, so the article that Bungie posted detailing Senior Concept Artist Dima Goryainov’s contributions to the Rasputin bunkers we've been visiting this whole season was quite a treat. Pop on over to the "A Bunker Built For Two" article on for a look at the inspirations that went into these relics of the Golden Age. 

Ragashingo | May 29, 2020 08:48 pm | link

The Nine & Rasputin?

Recently, Pyromancy posted a couple of interesting observations about Rasputin's bunkers and a possible entanglement with The Nine and the Unknown Space that The Reckoning takes place in. Are we looking at re-skinned geometry or a more intriguing mystery? If you notice any other weird similarities elsewhere in Destiny, let us know! 

P.S. Bleep Bloop.

Ragashingo | Apr 2, 2020 03:12 pm | link

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