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Destiny 2 Ghost Skill for Alexa

Do you use Amazon Alexa? Do you play Destiny 2? You can combine these products with a new free skill, available for Amazon Alexa devices, and enhance your overall Destiny 2 experience! You link it to your account, and it can help with all sorts of things, from info about activities to equipping loadouts. The Destiny the Game website has an entire page devoted to this skill, if you need more info before you get started (or if you need help finding enabled Alexa devices). Again - this skill is free, if you've already got an Alexa device. If you really want to push into the world of integration, you can buy a $90 Ghost speaker for Alexa (this will be available on December 19, but can be preordered now).  Not sure how this all works? Three minute-long videos have been posted - the first is embedded below, the other two are linked.

Destiny 2 Ghost Skill - Social

Destiny 2 Ghost Skill - Gear

TAGS: alexa, ghost
Claude Errera | Dec 1, 2017 12:13 pm | link

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