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Hey, who needs teammates, anyway?

thegrreatgatsby stopped by reddit to announce a successful attempt at soloing Oryx during the King's Fall raid. Some of the techniques are quite clever - but even without the cleverness, the way he makes it look almost easy is awe-inspiring. Go watch! There's a thread on our forum, if you feel like chiming in. (Thanks, cheapLEY.)

TAGS: solo, oryx, kf
Claude Errera | Dec 3, 2015 02:41 pm | link

Friendly? More like Fiendly!

Duncan's being shy, or something, but if you missed last night's dboTV episode, you should go watch it (it's linked from our archive, or just stream it below). Heckfu and Greenskull joined him to discuss friendly fire (and other stuff) - absolutely worth your time!

Claude Errera | Jan 29, 2014 09:34 pm | link

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