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Scaling the Walls You Build Yourself

One of the things that tickles me the most is how people find creative ways to challenge themselves within the confines of a game environment. Two examples surfaced this week that I really enjoyed. WiLLiSGaming and crew successfully completed the Vault of Glass with a Sparrow (think about that for a minute)... while DattoDoesDestiny and friends made Crota kneel using only the exotic weapon No Land Beyond. (This is akin to knocking down a building with a Tonka bulldozer.) When the game doesn't provoke you enough out of the box... don't worry, there's always some new mountain to climb! (Thanks to Gamespresso for the heads-up on the first video, and to Korny for the heads-up on the second video.)

Claude Errera | Feb 19, 2015 05:04 pm | link

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