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11 February 2016
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11 Feb 2016 13:33

This Week At Bungie - Feb 11 at 9:33:22 PM

by DeeJ

This week at Bungie Crimson Doubles is in full swing, but that's not the only dance afoot.

Prior to the holiday break we mentioned a second, larger update slated for Spring. That content release will feature a significant Light increase, a bunch of new gear to earn and equip, and new challenges for PvE players seeking some more fun experiences and replayability.

Beyond that, the team is focused on delivering a large expansion later this year, and a full Destiny sequel in 2017.

As work wraps up in the weeks ahead, look for more details about the Spring content, as well as more information about our bigger projects in the months that follow.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing.


How we introduce you to your opponents in the Crucible has been a hot topic of conversation lately. The chatter continues this week as we sample the overall reaction to how new Matchmaking settings have shaped the Crimson Doubles experience. Reports from the front have suggested that "date night" has been pretty competitive. Here's Design Lead Lars Bakken with some fresh thoughts.

Lars: Hey everyone, we've made some great strides to update Matchmaking over the last couple of weeks. For those of you just tuning in, Matchmaking itself is governed by some specific design goals: Ensuring you get into a match in a timely fashion, looking for a good connection, creating relatively balanced teams so players don't get stomped continually. We're gathering a ton of data and listening to feedback. We're examining the new Damage Referee and figuring out if and when we want to deploy it wider. There is more work to do and we're planning our next steps right now. When we're ready to share them, we'll activate DeeJ. Thanks again for all your help.

A balancing act that involves millions of players never ends.

Smooth Landings

When new bits are downloaded to your console, it's Destiny Player Support that works air traffic control. This is what they're tracking in the wake of the February Update.

DPS: Alongside the launch of the Crimson Days event, the Destiny Update 2.1.1 Vital Information Thread was posted in the #Help forum. We've provided troubleshooting steps for potential issues with downloading and installing the February Update. You'll also find the following information concerning Crimson Days:
  • Crimson Days Bounties will take the place of the Weekly Crucible Bounties offered by Lord Shaxx in the Tower. Weekly Crucible Bounties will return once this event has concluded
  • The Crimson and Sugary Ghost Shells will not display when Previewed in character inventory. These Ghost Shells will appear correctly when equipped and summoned in-game
  • The Crimson Connection Buff granted by Crimson Candy does not stack with Weapon Telemetries
  • Crimson Candy is only available during the Crimson Days Live Event. Once this event has ended, Crimson Candy will be converted into Rotten Candy
  • Crimson Days will be available through Tuesday, February 16th, at 1:00 AM PST

For additional information concerning the Crimson Days Event, please visit our Crimson Days Guided Support, found on

Movies and Stuff

When this guy isn't patrolling the forum, he's amplifying your finest art.

Cozmo: Every week, we scour the Internet in search of community-created videos worth sharing. The ones that make the cut are delivered to you through a mixture of photons and sound waves from your media device of choice. The creators of both the Movie of the Week as well as any Honorable Mentions receive a special emblem to commemorate their excellence.

We get asked often where submissions for MOTW should go. The best place is the Creations page here on

Movie of the Week: Denied.

Honorable Mention: Shot down. 

Honorable Mention: Look at your Ghost.

This has been just a glimpse at the roadmap for what's to come in Destiny, this year and next. We'll be plotting more specific waypoints as time goes on. Right now, there are hundreds of passionate people at Bungie working to turn the plan for Destiny's future into the adventures, dangerous enemies, and glittering treasures that await us.

As soon as we're ready, we'll share the details with you in all the usual places. In the meantime, we'll keep the conversation rolling with the team on the support front. We're also gathering up details for spring as the team begins to lock it in.

Until then, keep filling our world with action.

DeeJ, out.