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3 March 2016
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This Week At Bungie - 03/03/2016

This week at Bungie we explored the Dreadnaught with some of its creators.

Did you miss the show? We've got you covered with an archive of our walking tour.

Now that we've taken in the sights of Oryx's domain, we're planning to delve deeper into how we created the sounds.

And, to point out the elephant in the room (and the salt in our chat window), we know we're on the hook to tell you more about the next things we'll do to infuse your PvE lifestyle with new challenges. Those shows are being planned, too. Hang in there and we'll create some renewed urgency to discharge your favorite weapon in the direction of some aliens. They've got it coming.

"We've all got it coming."

But Next Week On Twitch...

With a permanent home for our webcams, there are a wealth of ideas we can access to share some more of us with more of you. Up next is a conversation with our Audio Team.

On March 10th, you'll meet the guys who created everything from the gunfire to the haunting themes that heralded the arrival of Oryx in our solar system in Destiny: The Taken King.

We'll kick off the show with a never-before-seen Bungie ViDocR that will tell the story of the team that induces ringing in your ears. On the other side of the video, we'll sit with Audio Director C Paul Johnson and Story Lead CJ Cowan to talk about how we punctuate your adventures with sound.

Watch this space for more exact details for when the show will go live.

Tune in and turn it up!

Download Incoming!

For the past several weeks, our matchmaking team has been dedicated to striking a better balance between "worthy" opponents and the sort of opponents with Internet connections that go well with yours. It's not an exact science, but they've been experimenting nonetheless.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll has some news about their progress, and how it will change the way we all come into close proximity to one another on the battlefield.

Derek: If you've played Control or Iron Banner in the past week or so, you've sampled the newest search criteria. Our goal for matchmaking continues to be fostering a competitive ecosystem that works for everyone. First and foremost, that means we attempt to find matches with the lowest latency (read: lag) possible. As a secondary concern, we want to insulate players at each extreme of the skill curve from each other. That said, we do not prioritize skill over latency under any circumstances. The newest settings are more aggressive about keeping latency low than we've ever had in Destiny. Regardless of the playlist you prefer, you should be seeing high-quality matches.

Starting on Tuesday, March 8th, every Guardian who plays Destiny will download and install Hot Fix It'll be a vehicle that will deliver the newest matchmaking settings to every playlist in the Crucible. Damage Referee will also be applied across the board to help us mitigate the effects that low-quality connections have on combat.

This doesn't set anything in stone. In fact, it will even give our team better tools to deploy changes like this in the future.

As always, we'll want to hear what you have to say about your battles in the Crucible. We'd expect nothing less!

Always Monitoring. Always Serving.

If you're talking to us about your experiences in the game, we're listening. Destiny Player Support plays a crucial role in keeping the feedback loop healthy.

DPS: This last week, we closely monitored the #Help forums to ensure players were seeing improvements to Crucible matchmaking quality after the implementation of the most recent Matchmaking Updates.

We've encountered reports of players experiencing Baboon and Weasel errors frequently when attempting to play Destiny with multiple consoles connected to the same network. To alleviate these issues and ensure the strongest connection quality when playing Destiny, please see the UPnP/Port Forwarding/NAT Type page of the Network Troubleshooting Guide.

We are also aware of an issue where the Iron Camelot Gauntlets are not displaying properly in First-person. For future updates on the investigation, be sure to see the Iron Banner FAQ.

On, our last site update introduced an unintentional bug. As a result, users who do not have a Guardian with player history linked to their account are temporarily blocked from posting in their private groups. This is an issue we intend to fix in the next website update, scheduled to deploy in two weeks. In the meantime, private group access does not seem to be blocked using our mobile application.

Finally, we would like to address that some Ships, Shaders, and Emblems visible in the Item Collections are not currently obtainable in-game. For a full list of the items impacted, and future updates, please see this Help Article.

For all your support needs, remember to bookmark

Be Kind Rewind

Since Leonardo doesn't nurture a Guardian in Destiny (that we know of), our one-man academy found some winners deserving of our highest accolade. Revenant Shader not required.

Cozmo: Welcome to the Movie of the Week. This is the place we take videos made by the community and honor them by putting them on display for all to see. Honor is not the only reward, if your video is a winner or honorable mention you will be taking home a sweet emblem for your effort. If you are wondering how to submit your video to be considered, the best place is the Creations page. Please do not mail in VHS tapes, but if you do, at least rewind them first. 

Now, on to the winners.

Movie of the Week: What's this?

Honorable Mention: Silly little Warlocks.

Honorable Mention: Massive plays.

See you next week. I'll be flanked by our Audio Team on Twitch. Should be a lively talk, so I hope you'll be there.


DeeJ, out.