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25 February 2016
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This Week At Bungie - 02/25/2016

This week at Bungie we're working behind the scenes.

While the team creates new challenges for you to face in Destiny, we're planning the best way to expose those things to your eager eyes and ears. We know the desire to kick alien ass with renewed ferocity is as acute as your appetite for some communication about the details.

There are steps being taken every day on both fronts.

Set Browsers to Fun

Our Twitch channel is about to become home to a new weekly ritual where we'll introduce you to the people who make your games. There will be times to play and times to talk about what has yet to be played. Here's what you can expect to see on the programming schedule in the near future.

Wednesday, March 2nd

Join us aboard the Dreadnaught for a continuation of a series in which we explore art and design - like a creative post-mortem in a combat zone. Senior Artist Andrew Hopps and Senior Designer Brian Frank will be our guides on a tour of Oryx's inscrutable loot-filled fortress. Tune in to learn how we build destinations and fill them with action worthy of heroes.

In the weeks that follow...

Meet the team that makes beautiful music in Destiny. The Audio Team also creates the gunfire that rings in your ears and the explosions that ring out as a result. If you can hear it in game, they create it. They'll share stories about every aspect of their creative process, from the sound effects to the dialogue to the anthems that score your adventures.

We're putting a price on the heads of the leadership that has made Clan Resolute a recognizable force in the Destiny Community. For anyone who is a member of a Clan, or has been curious about joining one, this will be an interesting conversation about the teams that unite gamers in tactical excellence and friendship. And, of course, we'll be playing the ultimate team activity in Destiny: Rift.

Updates to the Content Roadmap we laid out a few weeks ago are also on the way. We'll have more to say about that bespoke "update slated for Spring." Designers will be front and center to unveil new details about a content release that will feature "a significant Light increase, a bunch of new gear to earn and equip, and new challenges for PvE players seeking some more fun experiences and replayability."

Each show will get a full blog article with information on when you can tune in and what we'll be talking about.

Watch this space!

An Ally to All Guardians

When you find yourself blocked from playing the game, your finest allies can be found in the ranks of Destiny Player Support.

DPS: Crimson Days Ghosts have been delivered! If you met the requirements detailed in the "Believe in Ghosts" news article, there is a Light level 320 Ghost waiting for you at the Postmaster. We've seen some confusion on the forums concerning Postmaster delivery on the Destiny Companion Application. Players must log-in to Destiny and select a character for their Crimson Days Ghost Package to appear.

We are also aware that some players are receiving emails from individuals impersonating Bungie employees asking for personal information and log-in credentials. Bungie will never ask players for personal information when troubleshooting issues. If you ever receive a request for this information by someone claiming to be a Bungie employee, please report such actions on the #Help forum. 

To avoid the loss of Characters or items, please follow our Account Security Help Article. Always exercise caution when using any third-party websites or applications that request access to your account.

Contrary to what Shaxx might say, there is someone who watches your back. You can find them on

Who Needs an Oscar?

When he isn't dancing his way into your hearts in Iron Banner, our man on the street is sampling all of your Creations to see which is the sweetest.

Cozmo: We want you... to send us your videos. Every week we put our favorites here on display for the world to see. We will also throw in a special MOTW Emblem to sweeten the deal. Submit your video to the Creations page and we will give it a watch. This week we have both song and dance for your entertainment.

Movie of the Week: Just dance. 

Honorable Mention: True Stories.

Honorable Mention: Iron Banner Hype.

This week was admittedly light on news, but this is no time for radio silence. It wouldn't be Thursday without #MOTW. The rituals must be obeyed.

The weeks to come should get heavier. Promises made will be kept. In the meantime, we're making games and making plans to bring you up to speed on our progress.

See you next week, aboard the Dreadnaught.