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13 April 2017
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This Week At Bungie - 04/13/2017

This week at Bungie, we witnessed the return of the Taken King.

Oryx is back in our lives. Thanks to Age of Triumph, he's bigger, badder, and more rewarding than ever. With King's Fall as the Weekly Featured Raid, all the Challenge Modes that lead to his demise are active. You'll also have a chance to earn some loot.

Meanwhile, there is one month between now and the next drop of news about Destiny 2. If that's what you came here for, follow up and await future notifications. We're working behind the scenes to put on a good show.

If you're curious about how else life goes on inside our studio, scroll on.

Clan Wars

Every year, we don our tartans, heft some weapons, strike a pose, and go to war. As always, our enemies are the slings and arrows that come between the families of children seeking healthcare. You're invited to become our ally in this fight, along with other warriors from the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Bungie Foundation Manager Christine Edwards has your call to action.

Christine: Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the Men In Kilts fundraising competition raises funds for families staying at the Seattle Ronald McDonald House. Check out all the participants, and cast your vote for Team Bungie by donating $10 or more. Every $30 donated will pay for a family to stay at the House for one night. Head to the RMHC Donation Page to cast your votes by Friday, April 28!

Making the world a better place is its own reward, but we still have some keepsakes to help you raise awareness for Men In Kilts*

  • $50 - The "7-7 Ad Infinitum" player emblem 
  • $100 - The prize above, plus a mailed postcard from Bungie's Men in Kilts
  • $250 - All prizes above, plus play Destiny with a Bungie Dev
  • $500 - All prizes above, plus a digitally-delivered signed caricature of our Bungie Men in Kilts team, drawn by one of our kilted members themselves
  • $1000 - Studio Tour of Bungie
    (transportation/lodging not included)

*You will receive an email no later than Friday, May 5, regarding redemption of each reward.

We're also excited to talk about the Fourth Annual Gauntlet Tabletop Tournament. In May, Team Bungie will compete against fifteen other local businesses to raise funds for Treehouse, a local organization that helps foster kids pursue their dreams and build for themselves a bright future. Your donations will embolden our team with Power Ups that will help them win the tournament. Head to our team's Donation Page to commit your support on or before May 21.

We know you don't need an incentive to support these causes, but we just can't resist decorating the heroes from our community. The Gauntlet has its own backer rewards.*

  • $50 - The "Eye of Eternity" player emblem
  • $100 - The prize above, plus a "Programmer Art" caricature of you
    (We can't guarantee it'll be good, but it will be funny!)
  • $250 - All prizes above, plus play Destiny with a Bungie Dev**
  • $500 - All prizes above, plus lunch with Team Bungie
    (transportation and lodging not included)

*You'll receive an email no later than Friday, June 2 about the fulfillment of each reward.
**If you donate $250 separately to each of the Men in Kilts and Gauntlet fundraisers, you will be able to play Destiny twice with a different Bungie Dev!

Drop It Like It's Hot

The next HotFix for Destiny has been greenlit. Let's call it That's hardly a catchy name. It would be awesome to call it "Quality of Life Improvements of Triumph," but Hot Fixes only get numbers.

The Live Team tells us it will arrive sometime this calendar month. Before the gameplay reveal we're all looking forward to, there will be new bits to download. It's another step in our campaign to improve your Guardian lifestyle.

One bullet point you can anticipate in the customary Patch Notes will address those Trials of Osiris matches that refuse to end. We've been aware of those eternal face-offs. A fix is being tested and prepped for download. We're also planning to end those endless notifications that act like an echo from our API.

More to come on this soon. Stay tuned for updates on the exact release date.

All Along the Watchtower

The Destiny Player Support team is watching. In real life, they sit on a sweet perch over the kitchen, so they know which snacks each of us prefers. On, they camp the #Help forum, so they know what stands between you and your best game. They might judge us for eating more than our fair share of pretzels, but they'd never judge you for reporting an in-game issue.

This is their report.

Wear Your Triumph
We've received reports from players indicating that was not generating Age of Triumph T-Shirt discount codes for some players who had recently achieved Rank 7 in their Age of Triumph Record Book. Upon investigating these reports, an issue was identified, and has since been resolved.

Any player who has achieved Rank 7 in their Age of Triumph Record Book and believes that they had previously encountered an issue generating their T-Shirt discount code should revisit their Age of Triumph Record Book page for their newly generated code. Players who have questions regarding Bungie Store stock and shipping should see this FAQ. Players who have a concern over a recent Bungie Store purchase should contact Bungie Store Customer Service.

Age of Triumph Ornaments
With the release of Age of Triumph, players have begun receiving Age of Triumph Ornaments that modify the appearance of end-game raid armor. Now that players have had sufficient time to accumulate these Ornaments, many players are discovering that they do not stack in quantities larger than 10.

Please be aware that 10 unused Age of Triumph Ornaments is the maximum capacity that can be stored on each character, between both the Inventory and the Postmaster. If, for example, a character had 5 in their Inventory, and 5 at the Postmaster, new Ornaments earned on that character would be lost and cannot be recovered. In addition to individual character inventories, a maximum of 10 may be stacked in the Vault at a single time.

For more information on Age of Triumph Ornaments, please see our Raid Reprisals support page. For general Age of Triumph information, please see our Guided Support. For information on known and emerging issues, please see our Vital Information thread.

Hunting for Bounties and Glory

Your Community Manager is watching, too. He'll pin a medal to your chest if you can best his designated target in combat. He'll give you an award if you can make a video that outshines all others. 

Cozmo: Mark April 17 on your calendars. That's the day the Bungie Bounty is heading to Mexico. Alk4pon3 will be your target. He has been away from Destiny for a while, but is excited to get back in the swing of things before Destiny 2 comes out this fall.
Bungie Bounty: Alk4pon3
Region: Mexico
When: April 17, 10 PM Pacific
Console: PS4
Playlist: Mayhem Clash
If you are able to match in Al4pon3s game and win the day, you will be rewarded with the Sign of Opposing Will. It should arrive in your Emblem Collection later in the week. For more details check out our Bungie Bounty FAQ.

Cozmo: Listen, you don't need me to tell you about how cool our community videos are. You can go see for yourself on the Creations page anytime. Every week, we pick out a few of our favorites and send everyone who helped make them this spicy Emblem. In this batch, we had some fun ones, as well as a touching memorial to a fallen Clanmate. Let's get to it.

Movie of the Week:  Defender Bebop

Honorable Mention: Guardian Down

Honorable Mention: Coloring Process

There are now three Raids in the Director that you take on at 390 Light. Next week, we're featuring Wrath of the Machine. If good-against-the-living is more your speed, Iron Banner is live right now. You have until the weekly reset to charge into battle against your fellow Guardians.

Let's meet back here next week. Thanks for stopping by to hang out.

DeeJ, out.