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20 April 2017
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This Week At Bungie - 04/20/2017

This week at Bungie we're blazing new trails.

Behind the scenes, we're rehearsing the gameplay premiere of Destiny 2. We'll say it every week until it happens: "May 18!"

It's the answer to every question about your next adventure. While we wait (and waiting is a killer) we still have new and immediate developments for players who are committed to the rituals of the ongoing Destiny endgame.

In full view of the Guardians, the Wrath of the Machine has intensified. In step with the progression of Age of Triumph, it's the Weekly Featured Raid for the very first time. Ever since the weekly reset, brave fireteams have been assembling in orbit to face off against those 390 Light bosses - Challenge Modes and all. Adept Exotic Weapons and new Armament Ornaments (say that five times fast) are in play. 

In real life, there are other rituals to occupy a player of Destiny.

Known Issues - Will Fix

Earlier this very day, we released a fresh download into the wild. Did you get yourself some of the new in-game reality? It's available on your console now.

The Patch Notes for are here. Give them a read and experience the changes for yourselves. Tomorrow, Trials of Osiris will be back. We'll monitor the battle all weekend long to see if it ceases being the endless experience it was for some players.

Smooth Operators

Destiny Player Support specialists are a rare breed. They exist in the neutral zone between player and developer. They occupy the theoretical space between "broken" and "fixed." They have nerves of steel and remarkable fashion sense.*

*[Editor's Note: I was asked to say this. I live to serve.]

This is their report.

Destiny Hotfix
If you have yet to download Destiny Hotfix to your console, please note the following:

Hard Drive Requirements: Players should ensure they have the proper amount of console storage space available to complete the full installation process. For more information, please see the Console Storage Space guide.

Interrupting Update Downloads: When receiving a patch or update for Destiny, please do not interrupt the download or install process. Doing so may force some consoles to re-download all previous patch data. Once this occurs, it cannot be undone and may only be resolved by allowing all deleted patch data to be re-downloaded.

Wired Connections Recommended: Players that are using a wireless or wifi connection may want to switch to a wired connection for the download and installation process. Wireless connections are susceptible to a variety of different sources of interference and may cause issues in the stability of the Destiny download or installation. For more information, please see the Network Troubleshooting Guided Support.

Wrath of the Machine: Difficulty Availability
This week, Wrath of the Machine is available as the featured raid at 390 Light Difficulty. Unlike other Raid Reprisals, 390 Light Difficulty will not be available on non-featured weeks, and will be replaced with the original 380 Light Difficulty activity. This functionality results in the following issue known to Destiny Player Support:
  • Players will not be able to complete the "Machina Maxima" Triumph of the Age of Triumph Record Book if Wrath of the Machine is not the featured raid.

If you wish to complete this Triumph, you have through the weekly reset on Tuesday, April 25th to complete Wrath of the Machine as the featured raid until it returns on May 16th.

Additionally, we are aware of an issue where the "Meddle with Metal" Triumph in the Rise of Iron Record Book does not unlock when completing the 390 Light version of Wrath of the Machine. Players may continue to unlock this triumph on non-featured weeks, as 380 Light Difficulty will be available. These issues have both been added to our Destiny Update 2.6.0 Known Issues list in the #Help forum.

For all information concerning featured raids and other activities released with Destiny: Age of Triumph, please see this Guided Support.

Dancing Blades and Accolades

Your Community Manager is always on the lookout for superstars in our community. He might sick the full might of the Crucible on you or tell the world that you made a cool video. Here he is right now with all the news from the virtual warzone you call home.

Cozmo: Pack your stuff; it's time. Tefty has been let loose and is on the run. It is your job to find him and claim your bounty of riches—in the game. Please don't actually go to California and capture him.

Bungie Bounty: TeftyTeft
Region: California
When: April 22, 2 PM Pacific
Console: XB1
Playlist: Clash

The rules are simple. Match with him and win. If you do, your new Emblem will arrive within a fortnight. Actually it comes within a week, I just love saying fortnight. For more details check out our Bungie Bounty FAQ.

Cozmo: Did you know the first movie was a 2.11 second long film called The Horse in Motion? Neither did I. It is not one of this week's winners but we do have some good ones for you. Their creators will be taking home this rare Emblem as a small reward for their efforts. You too can get your chance to see your movie featured here. Just submit it to the Creations page.

Movie of the Week: SOLO 1 Sword 390 Crota

Honorable Mention: I Got This!

Honorable Mention: The Hills

To date, we've seen the return of every Raid in Destiny. Next week, you'll have another shot at Crota's End challenge modes. If you want to tackle four Raids every week, that's a thing you can do now.

On a personal note, thanks to all the Guardians who crossed paths with me and my Clan during Iron Banner. As much as I like to mix it up with the experts when Efrideet is in town (Hey, Fitzy), I took this past event as a chance to catch up with (and kick some ass with) some old friends. It's always an honor to receive a good spirited message after a well-fought game, and I received a bunch over the course of the week. It reminds me that we have the finest of people moving through the Internet in the armor of a Guardian. Thank you.

DeeJ, out.