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28 April 2017
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This Week At Bungie - 04/28/2017

This week at Bungie, we're setting the guest list for the Destiny 2 gameplay premiere.

As you might expect, it's a pretty big deal for us. Builds are being deployed and reviewed. Bugs are being identified and squashed. Right beside all the development work being poured into reveal (and beyond), our people are getting prepped to stand on stage and put on what we hope is one hell of a show for you. We're getting butterflies as we count down the days.

We'll be live on May 18th. We hope you'll join us. 

You might have noticed that we're inviting some special guests from the media and our community to be part of a live audience for this premiere. They'll be among the first players to get some hands-on time with Destiny 2 immediately after the conclusion of the livestream. The PS4 and PC versions of the game will be on display, so you should expect another wave of news, coverage, and content to dig into after the event is over.

We hope you're as excited as we are. Whether you're in attendance at the show in person, represented by a community leader, or simply watching the stream from the comfort of your home, we plan to make it worth your while.

Thanks for all the support and positive energy since the first reveal. It's been incredible to witness and we can't wait to show you more. 

All of this happens in 20 days.

Universal Translator has received a couple of updates to make some aspects of your community experience more diverse and more playful. Let's check 'em out.

For starters, our forum has been localized - meaning you can now filter the conversation by various languages there. In the past, we localized the interface for our site, providing prompts in different languages that led to a place where most everyone was speaking English. Given that Destiny 2 is being localized by our own team at Bungie, we can do better than that!

Now, the experience is way more global-friendly.

At the top of the forum, in the same place where you filter topics or create your own, you can now select a variety of forms of human communication. This will let you browse topics created by Guardians who speak your language. It's another step in our campaign to bring together the people who play our games.

As our community grows around the world, so will the staff that helps us moderate the conversation. Please join us in welcoming the new community volunteers who will make the quality of the forum their personal responsibility. The following Guardians now carry the rank (and privileges) of Mentors and Ninjas.

Seraphim Crypto

Welcome aboard, new people! Thanks for helping us keep the place clean.

Throwing Stickies

The Destiny Companion application also received an update that delivered stickers you can use to pepper your iPhone conversations. 

They are live right now. If you want to activate this feature on your iPhone, make sure you're using the newest software, and follow the red arrows below to replicate these steps:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a Destiny sticker will speak volumes to a fellow Guardian.

Shooting at Troublemakers

When trouble finds you, the specialists from Destiny Player Support are the hired guns that rally to your aid.

This is their report.

Destiny Server Maintenance and Downtime
Next week, Destiny Servers will be taken offline for maintenance.

Date: Thursday, May 4 
Start: 10AM Pacific (5 PM UTC)
Expected completion: 2PM Pacific (9 PM UTC)

Support and server maintenance will continue for Destiny 1 through the release of Destiny 2 and beyond. If you encounter any issues impacting your Destiny 1 experience, the #Help forum and will continue to provide pathways to support. Be sure to follow @BungieHelp on Twitter for future announcements of server maintenance periods.

Eververse Trading Co. Troubleshooting
With the release of Destiny Update 2.6.0, the Silver and Eververse Guided Support was updated with information concerning the most common issues players experience when purchasing Silver or in-game items from Eververse Trading Co.

If you encounter an issue where you have purchased Silver but cannot progress your transaction past "Silver Sync Pending", please follow these troubleshooting steps:
  1. Wait up to 30 seconds: Allow for up to 30 seconds to pass to see if the Silver amount is added to the account.
  2. Re-launch Destiny: If the Silver is not added to the account after the time has passed, log out of Destiny and then log back into any character.
  3. Sign out of console account: If the Silver balance does not reflect the purchased Silver amount, please close Destiny and completely log out of PSN or Xbox account. It may also be advisable to clear the console cache.
  4. Check for successful transaction: Ensure that your transaction shows as successfully completed according to the PSN Store or Xbox Marketplace.
  5. Contact platform support: If the purchase shows as successful, please contact PlayStation Support or Xbox Support to investigate potential issues with your transaction.

If you experience any issues after proceeding through these troubleshooting steps, please see our newly updated contact form. Please Note: Contact forms must be submitted with all requested information for investigation purposes, and a valid e-mail address for further contact by Destiny Player Support.

Top Honors

This weekly address was late, but the Bungie Bounty waits for nothing!

Congratulations to all who matched and won. Your Emblems are on the way! And now another word from your Community Manager...

Cozmo: More movies, more Emblems. Movies are loaded up and ready to be fired at your face through our high-tech experimental internet cannon. If you would like a shot at seeing your video featured here, and getting that sweet Emblem to show off to your Fireteam, submit your movie to the Creations page. We always pick our favorites and this week we have a good line-up. 

Movie of the Week:  Radegast

Honorable Mention: Strikes are Beautiful

Honorable Mention:  V2 - Community

We're close enough to the gameplay premiere to start a countdown: Twenty Days!

I'll be at the gameplay reveal, but the real heroes at Bungie - the ones that make the game - will be on the stage. Even more of us will be on hand to help our guests take their first step into this new world. Perhaps someone you follow will be there to tell their version of the tale.

Perhaps you'll be there, too. We're not done filling the seats.

DeeJ, out.